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Benefits of collaboration

At Dorphyll Healthcare, we believe in a WIN WIN scenario. INCREASING PROFITS OF OUR CLIENTS IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY. The increased profits, coupled with our product quality, innovation and service, enable the clients to have INCREASED profits in every year of our association

What are we PROUD of?

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Why is dorphyll healthcare

Different from other
franchisee companies

You will be the sole franchisee owners for the decided district

Due to your efforts, some clients may approach us directly in the future. If they are from your territory, then we will guide them to you. We will sign an EXCLUSIVITY AGREEMENT with you

Dorphyll Healthcare will ensure

Product Quality by Monitoring manufacturing processes, and give access to Pharmaceutical Test Reports and In-House COA’s (Certificate of Analysis)
Other Drug aspects like DPCO(Drug Price Control), maintaining schedules, latest artwork as per changes in Drug laws

If you need some customization

for the existing product, in terms of design, pack change, MRP change (not violating DPCO), etc., we can do that for you, provided you meet our minimum batch size requirements

Once the business increases sufficiently

then a manager from Dorphyll will travel to your territory every 6 months (ONLY IF YOU WANT HIM TO), and meet your key doctors, to enhance the brand value of Dorphyll as well as the distributor

Increase your profitability

Dorphyll will ensure that they will keep adding unique and patented products, which will be first time entrants in the Indian market. This will increase your profitability